Anar Chemicals Private Limited

We are pleased to present ourselves as Manufacturer of Solvent Liquid Dyes available in different colors and combinations. Our Solvent Liquid dyes are exported mainly to Europe, USA, Latin America and the Far East.


We came in touch with Corporate Munim ERP in the year 2006, we have been approached, and we thought  that there is no adequate ERP technology, which will support our business process. But with Corporate Munim “The Business Explorer” ERP it turned out to be all together a different story. They have implemented the solution  and we proudly say that  we have accomplished the desired result within the time limit without hampering our work procedure. We were on the System  with all the business functions required on the desired time and  we were live with the reports needed from the system.

We are very thankful to Mr. Hetal Shah “CEO & Managing Director” of Nutec  Infotech Pvt. Ltd, who headed the Implementation team, and for taking an active interest in completing the project on time. The end result was beyond our expectation and now we have a complete control of the functioning of each and every section and department of our organization. The outcome of Corporate Munim ERP solution is marvellous and yes it is a user friendly solution that can suit all the business needs of your Organization.
We once again give A Big Thanks to TEAM CORPORATE MUNIM for the cooperation extended in achieving this mission and we wish them a grand success in the coming Years
-Mr.Sanjay Choksi,MD

Anar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

- Mr.Sanjay Choksi,

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